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About Our Company

Hayes Communications was founded in 1973 in Winston-Salem, NC, by Jim Hayes. We had our early beginnings as a data processing service bureau, providing custom written payroll and accounting programs. In 1978, we began installing mini computers by Data General, Basic Four, and Point 4, as well as designing, programming, and maintaining software for many different industries.

In 1985, we changed our business direction and began to focus solely on wide-area networking. We helped pioneer voice over data networks long before the current buzz phrase of voice over IP was conceived. We have implemented wide-area data and voice networks for customers both domestic and international. Some our customers include Carlton Scales, Community One Bank, LC Industries, Superior Carriers, The Salvation Army, Sara Lee, Guilford Mills, Thomasville Furniture, LADD Furniture, Hanes, and Viking Range Corporation. We also constructed a NOC (Network Operations Center) in our office in Rural Hall, NC, and began offering managed services for our customers on a 24/7/365 basis. 

We believe our extensive background and expertise in the design and maintenance of sophisticated voice/data networks gives us the ability to not only design efficient networks but to effectively represent our customers' best interests in dealing with other communication vendors. In 2005 we implemented agent Voice Over IP phone systems into our product offerings. We currently have a presence in Central and South America and have begun new business ventures with partners in Honduras, Panama, and the Bahamas.